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The Michael R. Breschi Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship was established in March of 2004 by the Board of Trustees of the Ohio State University with gifts from friends and family of Joe and Julie Breschi, of Columbus, Ohio.

The annual distribution from this fund shall be used to supplement the student grant-in-aid scholarship costs of a student-athlete who is pursuing an undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University and is a member of the varsity men’s lacrosse team, with a
preference given to a student-athlete that embodies the qualities of leadership and integrity. The recipient will be selected by the Director of Athletics in consultation with the University Committee on Student Financial Aid.

The investment and management of and expenditures from all endowment funds shall be in accordance with University policies and procedures as approved by the Board of Trustees. As authorized by the Board of Trustees, a fee may be assessed against the endowment portfolio for the university’s costs of development and fund management.

It is the desire of the donors that this fund should benefit the University in perpetuity. If, in the future, the need for this fund should ceases to exist or so diminish as to provide unused income, then another use shall be designated by the Board of Trustees as recommended by the Foundation Board of Directors as recommended by the Director of Athletics. Any such alternate distributions shall be made in a manner as nearly aligned with the original intent of the donor as good conscience and need dictate.

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